Modelos de parapente fora de linha

Parapente Join´t - Skywalk - Vôo Duplo

Join together! - Voo Duplo (biplace)

Who can't remember the rush of the first time?

The first time taking off, of course! To be free, to fly, to feel like a bird. With the JOIN'T, flying pleasure doubles instantly!

Projetado e construído para uso pessoal ou profissional!

Segurança é o quesito mais importante quando desenvolvemos um parapente para vôo duplo.

Mais de 2 anos de desenvolvimento, uma infinidade de protótipos e testes tornaram o Skywalk JOIN'T2 realidade.

Excelente comportamento na decolagem, pilotagem fácil e amigável, larga margem de segurança passiva e tecnologia Jet Flap: estas são as principais característica s procuradas por pilotos de vôo duplo.

The JOIN'T2 impresses further with competent material selection and numerous new detailed solutions. Naturally, the JOIN’T2 also offers excellent handling and premier league performance.

  1. Extremely robust and durable NCV 9092E85 cloth is used on the crucial leading edge of the top sail. Despite the first-class durability, the JOIN’T2 still has a low weight.
  2. Continuous profile reinforcement bands on the profile and the load-oriented function of the connection points provide maximal stability even after hard use
  3. The hybrid lines, consisting of a mix of Tecnora and Dyneema lines, provide for uniform trim even after intensive use
  4. The JOIN’T2 is equipped with sophisticated risers and integrated speed trimmers, ensuring easy handling and a wide range of use
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Ficha Técnica

Número de células 44 44
Área (sqm) 39,07 42,3
Area (projected) 18,7 21,3
Wingspan [m] 13,78 14,34
Aspect ratio 4,86 4,86
Area projected [qm] 34,41 34,41
Wingspan projected [qm] 11,22 11,68
Aspect ratio projected 3,66 3,66
Line length [cm] 79,7 83
Line diameter [mm] 1,2/1,5/2,2 1,2/1,5/2,2
Cord max. [cm] 351 366
Cord min. [cm] 73 76
Canopy weight [kg] 9,6 10,4
Cert. Take-off-weight* [kg]
* Pilot + 17 kg equipment
115-190 140-230

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